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Chef Micheaux

George Micheaux is the founder of Micheaux’s Catering and the person most responsible for meal preparation, development, and the emergence in the catering business.  If you know him the one thing that he sells is authenticity, quality and freshness. “The only thing I know is doing things from scratch,” says George. Assisted by his wife, Janice Micheaux, who serves as the company’s business manager. She assists in food preparation and oversees all day-to-day operations including new business developments and is the right arm to this successful endeavor.  


Micheaux’s Catering represents the culmination of a professional vision that satisfies the comforts and desires of consumers by creating an independent outlet committed to a “full service” catering center for the masses.

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100% Fresh Ingredients

Micheaux’s Story

Our Mission Since 1996


Following His Calling

In 1996, George and Janice Micheaux decided to follow their passion and open a family business.  This approach uncovered simplistic and sophisticated dimensions in the kitchen that allowed George to quickly recognize his “Calling.”  


Developing His Talent

Although George began cooking as a young boy and practiced over the years by sharing his creations with family and friends, he aspired to develop a more impressive palate to develop impressive gourmet meals and flavorful pastry.  


Supporting The Community

Belonging to one of the most influential ministries in the Houston area had allowed George to solicit patronage from the church community.  This exposure to a diverse community rapidly allowed the Micheaux family to expand their clientele to include receptions, banquets, weddings, anniversaries, corporate and private events.

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